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Let There Be Light

This is not really a post, just a photo to celebrate the second half of the week. I love Thursdays, as they are close to weekends, but there’s still time to get all things done. This is an old photo taken on the Phuket island. Although the horizon is messed up, I still like it. … Continue reading

Turkish Delight

They say, be careful what you wish for… I’ve been wishing to visit Istanbul for quiet a while. First, I even had a business trip there almost set up, but it did not happen… However, the city was attracting me… The Gateway to the East, old Byzantine capital which later became the center of the … Continue reading

Speeding Around the World in Under 5 Minutes

This video has been around the Internet for a while, and it is really worth watching if you have not seen it yet! For all those dreaming of travels.


Ancient capital of Siam, city of historic temples and statues, nice people and white elephants. Centuries ago, it survived wars and fires. Hope it recovers from the floods soon. A few pics from our trip last year. More feeling than info, but that’s exactly what stays, doesn’t it? I will certainly be back.

Yellow Yoga Mat???

Yellow is color of sun, light, classic Margaritas and summery nail polish. Yoga mat, besides being number one yoga prop, is a place to do something you love and have a luxury of staying in the moment; personal space and loving what you do... now.



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