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The Meditation Revolution is on!

After a few days of doubts and contemplations, I have signed up for the Meditation Revolution program with Yoga Journal. Still not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with my crazy corporate full time job, freelance stuff, regular yoga practice, trips and all the other parts of life, but life’s always busy, right? … Continue reading

Master Yogananth Workshops: let it be the intro post :)

I’ve been lazy on this blog (yes, yes, I feel bad about it and realize that I have to do something with my schedule and priorities), but not so lazy on my practice! And last week, I had a great day attending Master Yogananth’s workshops. I’ve been really looking forward to them and was not … Continue reading

Just Breathe…

Being so concentrated on hip openers, arm balances and backbends, I’ve been trying to avoid something more important, something so basic it is obvious… A few years into yoga I must admit that I still cannot breathe properly. I guess I did not pay much attention to breathing when I first came to yoga class … Continue reading

Please (don’t?) stop the music

Do you practice to music? If so, what do you listen to when you unroll your mat? I seem to have no preference in the studio (or maybe I was just lucky with my teachers’ choices). But at home? A while ago I realized that I do not have any ‘yoga’ music in my iTunes … Continue reading

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana IV Sequence

Nice sequence, which has been part of my today’s practice (I cannot embed the video although there seems to be this option). Getting closer to my perfect bird :). The YogaJournal web site is a great source for home practice ideas, including video sequences. I am not a big fan of yoga videos actually (doing … Continue reading

Yellow Yoga Mat???

Yellow is color of sun, light, classic Margaritas and summery nail polish. Yoga mat, besides being number one yoga prop, is a place to do something you love and have a luxury of staying in the moment; personal space and loving what you do... now.



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