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Equinox Paddle Board Yoga Video

After a veeeeery long day, when I did not make it to my yoga class and did not do whole bunch of other things either, this video has taken me so far away from it all. The music, the setting, the yogi, the rhytm…  Equinox makes great yoga videos! Beautiful in every way! Just think … Continue reading

Sex that sells… YOGA

There are a lot of controversies in the world. What is beautiful for some is provocative for others and inappropriate for someone else. This is real and normal, right? But when it comes to yoga, it turns into messy cat fight all over the place. It’s amazing how practice that has acceptance among its key … Continue reading

THE Equinox Yoga Video

This beautiful, stylish, motivating, inspiring light  (I can go on and on) video of Equinox has steered the yoga community. Oversexualising yoga, objectifying women, shifting the focus from and to – it is amazing how yoga people (and yoga teaches non-judgement by the way) can get judgmental. I am leaving my personal musings for another post … Continue reading

Yellow Yoga Mat???

Yellow is color of sun, light, classic Margaritas and summery nail polish. Yoga mat, besides being number one yoga prop, is a place to do something you love and have a luxury of staying in the moment; personal space and loving what you do... now.



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