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The Meditation Revolution is on!

After a few days of doubts and contemplations, I have signed up for the Meditation Revolution program with Yoga Journal. Still not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with my crazy corporate full time job, freelance stuff, regular yoga practice, trips and all the other parts of life, but life’s always busy, right? … Continue reading

Equinox Paddle Board Yoga Video

After a veeeeery long day, when I did not make it to my yoga class and did not do whole bunch of other things either, this video has taken me so far away from it all. The music, the setting, the yogi, the rhytm…  Equinox makes great yoga videos! Beautiful in every way! Just think … Continue reading

Happy Weekend!

Hope you’re enjoying your day no less!

What’s there to open

That Wednesday night, I almost did the unthinkable. I was about to walk out from a yoga class. In my yoga studio, where I know all instructors. Where everyone knows me. I hated THAT instructor. He was relatively new and that was his first class I came to. I just did not have any other … Continue reading

Notes From the Twisting Workshop

Ok basically, I’ll go though the notes from Yogananth’s Twisting workshop. It has pretty much covered the mistakes I tend to make (and struggle to avoid for that matter). Twisting Do’s and Don’t’s Do: Practice twists on the exhale Practice dynamic movements before static stretches Standing movements should come before sitting/locking the hips on the … Continue reading

Master Yogananth Workshops: let it be the intro post :)

I’ve been lazy on this blog (yes, yes, I feel bad about it and realize that I have to do something with my schedule and priorities), but not so lazy on my practice! And last week, I had a great day attending Master Yogananth’s workshops. I’ve been really looking forward to them and was not … Continue reading

Yogananth Andiappan Workshops: My Mat is Ready!

I am happy, jumpy, excited and thankful yoga girl today! And there is a reason for that… I have just reserved my spots in two workshops with renowned yoga Guru Yogananth Andiappan! yep, gonna unroll my mat for  twists and backbends with the Guru on 29 April! Both workshops are on the same day, and … Continue reading

Asana in Spotlight: Vasisthasana

I have trouble answering the question about my favorite yoga pose. It depends and it changes. Often. Our body is smart, so it usually answers these questions for us, coupled with our mind. When I’m stressed and out of balance in my life, I find myself dreading balance poses. As I shared before, give me … Continue reading

Making it a good yoga week

Happy Monday everyone! As many people on this planet, I pretend to be ready for another five office days. Sadly, during the week, making it to my yoga studio gets harder as it does not have morning classes. And things get complicated in the evening… If I am lucky enough to leave the office on … Continue reading

Sex that sells… YOGA

There are a lot of controversies in the world. What is beautiful for some is provocative for others and inappropriate for someone else. This is real and normal, right? But when it comes to yoga, it turns into messy cat fight all over the place. It’s amazing how practice that has acceptance among its key … Continue reading

Yellow Yoga Mat???

Yellow is color of sun, light, classic Margaritas and summery nail polish. Yoga mat, besides being number one yoga prop, is a place to do something you love and have a luxury of staying in the moment; personal space and loving what you do... now.



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