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Turkish Delight

They say, be careful what you wish for… I’ve been wishing to visit Istanbul for quiet a while. First, I even had a business trip there almost set up, but it did not happen… However, the city was attracting me… The Gateway to the East, old Byzantine capital which later became the center of the Ottoman Empire… I’m not so good at history but LOVE historic places!

And there it was… quick stopover in Istanbul on my way to Bangkok from Kiev (after the nice 2 weeks at home with my beloved parents, so I did not want to go back to Bangkok!) was not so quick as my first flight was delayed, which made me miss my Istanbul – Bangkok flight! there I was, having almost 24 hours in this glorious city. I did not have my camera and had to use my iPhone (and had to buy a few items of clothing actually), but it was just right. Perfect day and perfect trip. Thanks Turkish Airlines! I’ll be sure to fly with you again (No kidding actually, although they did lose my luggage. Not that I wanted to unpack it on the first day anyways!)

Istanbul is great and totally worth coming back to! It is so unique, European, Middle Eastern, cool, traditional, modern – all mixed together. I’ll be back, with my camera and plenty of time… soon!

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And some Turkish music for the atmosphere… Not that I like Tarkan, but this song was played non stop on the hop on-hop off bus I took, so it’s stuck with me now. Ahh, I should get to editing the video I took on the bus with my iPod, iPhone and whatever else had a built-in camera :). Stay tuned 🙂

Hope life brings you cool surprises, too!



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