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Notes From the Twisting Workshop

Ok basically, I’ll go though the notes from Yogananth’s Twisting workshop. It has pretty much covered the mistakes I tend to make (and struggle to avoid for that matter).

Twisting Do’s and Don’t’s


  • Practice twists on the exhale
  • Practice dynamic movements before static stretches
  • Standing movements should come before sitting/locking the hips on the floor
  • Practice traction while holding the twisting postures
  • Practice in the evening time to see better progress

Is it in your core or in your shoulder?


  • Don’t hold your breath while twisting
  • Don’t hunch the back while twisting
  • Practice on empty stomach
  • Don’t lock the stretch in the joints (shoulders, elbows, wrist etc).
  • Avoid stressing the knee while binding
  • Don’t roll the shoulder down while twisting

Basically… keep.the.stretch.in.the.core. Do not stress your shoulders and make sure it’s your core that feels the stretch and not your shoulder, so knee in the sitting twist. I knew I did not have enough twist in the core, however, after this workshop I finally felt WHERE. I felt my muscles better. They still have a long way to go, but that’s a good start to go to another level. I can finally correct what I do wrong in that department. That’s a great result to get out of the few hours workshop, topped with fun and great atmosphere 🙂



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