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Yogananth Andiappan Workshops: My Mat is Ready!

I am happy, jumpy, excited and thankful yoga girl today! And there is a reason for that… I have just reserved my spots in two workshops with renowned yoga Guru Yogananth Andiappan! yep, gonna unroll my mat for  twists and backbends with the Guru on 29 April!

Both workshops are on the same day, and I hesitated whether I should attend both or select one? and which one? Both? Will 4 hours of yoga in one day be too much? But come on, how can I choose one? Even if I’m barely crolling out of the studio after the second workshop, who cares? It’s just how can you say no to something that has come to your doorstep?

I’ve been thinking of stepping up my yoga practice this spring, and here is real yoga guru conducting workshops just a few blocks away from my house! I tried this studio for a week last fall to make up my mind about hot yoga. Verdict: nope, I don’t like it and definitely prefer cooler studios. I did not go for a permanent membership, but I’m so glad I’m in their Facebook group! I was the first one to call for reservation! so early in fact, that people on the phone did not know about these workshops! Why  ‘people’ on the phone? it is a good Thai tradition: if you don’t know what to answer, pass the phone to a person next to you. See how many of you will drive the caller nuts. But in our social media digital age, one Facebook comment solves it all :).

In case you are in Bangkok on 29 April, you may wanna check out this in Absolute Yogа Silom: http://www.absoluteyogabangkok.com/workshop.html

Yogananth Andiappan is famous yoga Guru, author of Yoga From the Heart, truly inspiring book. Here’s Yogananth’s Asana demonstration video:

Needless to say, I am excited. I’ve been eyeing yoga workshops ads for a while and kept thinking, ‘no, this is not my level yet’. And now I know it is! My yoga level allows me to understand my body well enough and not to struggle through many asanas, so I can actually perfect them. Even if I am the least prepared student in class, I’m in a place where it won’t get me shy.

I am happy and thankful for being healthy to do yoga, being able to afford it  who knows what the next step will be. Other workshops and hopefully teacher training some day?  So far, I’m just thankful for the journey. And… stay tuned for the coverage here on  the Yellow Yoga Mat :).



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