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Asana in Spotlight: Vasisthasana

I have trouble answering the question about my favorite yoga pose. It depends and it changes. Often.

Our body is smart, so it usually answers these questions for us, coupled with our mind. When I’m stressed and out of balance in my life, I find myself dreading balance poses. As I shared before, give me crazy week at work and I won’t be able to hold even a simple balance, especially on the left. That’s because my heart is not where it is supposed to be! However, in such moments of anxiety, I love shoulder stand and the plough pose (Halasana). They are calming, and, I think, subconsciously, I crave Halasana to shield myself with my legs and hide from some things.

My current favorite is Vasisthasana, Inclined Plane Posture. I just can’t get enough of this combination of strength (wrist especially, since this has been an issue for me), balance and hip opening! 

Here’s a great sequence on Yoga Journal, leading to Vasisthasana.

My pose definitely has a long way to go, but still. It feels good and makes me think of my new found strength and ability to balance, whatever I do. And, thankfully, ability to enjoy this combination. Namaste! 🙂



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