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Making it a good yoga week

Happy Monday everyone! As many people on this planet, I pretend to be ready for another five office days. Sadly, during the week, making it to my yoga studio gets harder as it does not have morning classes. And things get complicated in the evening…

If I am lucky enough to leave the office on time, I can make it home, change, remove my make-up, maybe even grab a small snack and get to class, which is a few blocks away from my condo. But… sometimes work gets hectic, I get tired and skip it. Don’t we all? Sometimes it is physically ‘can’t make it’ time limit while in other cases it is about being so drained that I end up looking for excuses like ‘I’m so angry that I can’t take it to a yoga mat now’. Which is completely wrong, as yoga is the best way to distress, but we tend to believe in anything when we want to. And, after 10+ hours spent in a corporate office (also referred to as ‘hell with fluorescent lighting’), it is normal to believe in just making it home and calling it a day.

However… (and no surprise on this one) if I do make it to yoga class, it makes me feel good! And, if I don’t, I feel even more tense next day, because, even though the mat gets rolled out at home, I do not get a GOOD practice. So… I had to come up with recipe of getting to yoga. No matter what. The same can certainly be used for gym, dance studio, etc, which proves that it works:

1.Have a set of workout clothes in your office desk. I do and I can grab it when I leave the office too late to go home and change but early enough to make it to class. (another advice here would be ‘leave the office on time’, but that’s a whole different story. I’m working on it, however!).

2.Have make-up remover if you use make-up! I have a bottle of micellar water and it helps to cleanse my skin before the class. I’m obsessed with skincare routine, so would not be able to practice when ‘my foundation is sinking into my widely opened pores, haha’. Tester of moisturizer is great to have as well.

3. Have a quick snack in hand. Nuts, muesli bar, a piece of fruit – anything to keep you going. When I’m hungry, I am angry and when I’m angry, I find it hard to focus. 100-200 calories solve the problem.

4.Do wear flats (or more casual-less elegant footwear for that matter)! Just in case if after the class you’re tempted to go home in your yoga clothes with your office wear tucked in your bag. Heels and tight yoga pants are still my officially worst look ever, paired with sweaty face and messed up hair.

5.Do have the attitude! As long as you WANT to make it to class and you thrive on this post-class buzz, you’ll feel great no matter what you’re wearing. And that’s what matters ;). Have a great week everyone!



2 thoughts on “Making it a good yoga week

  1. I think your #5 is SO perfect!

    Posted by kimimarinyoga | March 16, 2012, 8:04 pm

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