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You Go Grandma!

Scared of aging? When the time comes, I personally would not mind aging like Bette Calman, Australian yogini, who easily does the peacock pose and all other advanced asanas in her mid 80s!

Bette pioneered yoga in Australia in 1950s and has been teaching for 40 years, still teaching 11 classes per week at 84! She became a celebrity often appearing on TV throughout 1970s. Today, she is an inspiration and ‘supergran,’ doing poses that can put much younger yogis to shame.
I’m proof that if you keep at it, you’ll get there. I can do more now than I could 50 years ago,” Mrs Calman said.
“You’re never too old. The body is a remarkable instrument. It can stretch and stretch, and get better all the time. Forget age. Even a basic posture, or just going to a window and breathing deeply, can have big benefits.”
‘Yoga keeps you young,‘ she said.
‘Never have I gone to a yoga class and wished I was somewhere else, because I know I’m going to come out feeling on the top of the world. There’ll always be yoga.
She’s just awesome. I’d love to attend her class.

Info and quotes from herehere.



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