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Just Breathe…

Being so concentrated on hip openers, arm balances and backbends, I’ve been trying to avoid something more important, something so basic it is obvious… A few years into yoga I must admit that I still cannot breathe properly. I guess I did not pay much attention to breathing when I first came to yoga class (all I wanted was to get a good stretch after strength training) and then got used to breathing just the way I breathe. Which is, unequal breathing, holding my breath, not breathing even close to deeply enough. And I do not even try to go into everything above and beyond that in the yoga world.

A while ago I heard Baron Baptiste saying in his video that ‘breathing just has to feel right’, and decided that mine does. Now I know that it does not. Trying to concentrate on breathing too much, I once again lose what I’m practicing yoga for. After all, yoga is about the journey, not the destination of perfect poses, breathing techniques, balances, whatever. Trying to keep this in mind, I am learning to breathe… trying to do it right without concentrating on the failure when it comes out wrong. Just breathing… not just in yoga. Feeling comfortably and not starting this ‘right?-wrong!-do not hold your breath’ dialogue in my head. Seriously thinking that this is the aspect for which need a few one-on-one classes to get into a habit of ‘breathing right.’ And another challenge is NOT to get caught up into the ‘right-wrong’ thinking on the way. After all, it is not about the destination…



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