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Please (don’t?) stop the music

Do you practice to music? If so, what do you listen to when you unroll your mat? I seem to have no preference in the studio (or maybe I was just lucky with my teachers’ choices). But at home? A while ago I realized that I do not have any ‘yoga’ music in my iTunes library. And guess what… I downloaded a few playlists compiled by yoga instructors and yoga celebrities and I can hardly stand this music. This is too much ‘yoga’ for me, I guess. And while the point of music in yoga class is to keep you going but not distracted, this is what I was – distracted and annoyed…

Over the years, I’ve put together a rather solid playlist moving with me between continents, from one job to another, from one company laptop to another – something to keep me separated from the colleagues’ talks when I need to concentrate and not distract me from my work. Something I mostly listen to at work ONLY. And mostly it is Keiko Matsui… As much as I love her music, I did not want to take it to my yoga practice, since I thought it would make me feel at work. And listening to what I listed in the office during the practice would be pretty much the same as listening to my boss speaking, right? (oh, who wouldn’t love it if listening to our bosses would be like listening to music, but it rarely happens! However, you got the point). But once I tried practicing to Keiko’s music, it became my number one choice for yoga practice at home!

It is not heavy on the lyrics, and, while it may seem to be distracting from my breath and (relative) stillness of mind, it works for me! And while there are tons of yoga music choices out there, I’m sticking with this for now.

And what music do you practice to?



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