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The Balancing Act

I have not been good about writing this blog for the last month. Neither have I been good about advancing in my yoga practice as well as fiction reading, learning French and photography. What I was doing? Working. And not relaxing. I have prided myself to be able to leave work at work and maintain my life outside of the office hours, however, this skill left me lately. What did I get out of it? A promotion, a few health issues, which, according both to my doctor and my gut feeling are caused by stress . Plus…  inability to hold one of my favorite poses: The Lord of the Dance (as well as other balancing poses actually). True, how can you hold something you don’t have? Obviously, I don’t have balance. Work-life balance, carbs-proteins-fats balance, you name it. Even my combination-to-oily skin went on strike and dried out to the point of peeling.

I started putting myself together last week with a beach trip during a long weekend. And guess what: I did great up to the point when I came back to the office on Tuesday. This is when the balance shifted again, but I’m determined to get it back. We have set up our little Christmas tree at home, I am planning to sort the tons of photos I have taken this fall but never had time to get them out of my camera. Also I will splurge on some make-up (‘cause I love it) and moisturizer (‘cause I obviously need it) and will make it to my yoga class tonight feeling happy and balanced rather than annoyed with the day. Even thinking of getting the control back makes me feel better. Balance comes back easily. The trick is to keep it.



2 thoughts on “The Balancing Act

  1. I missed You Girl !! Lovely Post!
    We have more in common then I thought:
    “make-up (‘cause I love it) and moisturizer (‘cause I obviously need it)”
    Congratulations to your Promotion x

    Posted by tonkadella | December 16, 2011, 1:40 pm

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