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Yoga Junkie on Yoga Props

My Jade yoga mat is one of my favorite purchases in 2011. Mind you, I’m a shopaholic with severe overspending habits, which means that I buy a lot of things. However, I thought I would not need a professional yoga mat. For a while, I did not even know they existed! I had an ugly cheap thing at home, well from the times before I started practicing. It served me well for sit-ups, sometimes being borrowed by my husband  for exactly the same thing.

Then I did not even look at those mats being sold in my studio… for a while. First of all, it turned out that even though I don’t sweat a lot (unless I’m doing hot yoga!), but my hands definitely do. Compensating for my entire body, I’m afraid. So, I needed a quality toga mat to avoid sliding, which can ruin so many poses and turn the down dog into a sliding dog. I gasped when I saw the prices, but, having put some though into it and realized that the amount does not convert into THAT MUCH luxury make-up, I went for the Jade harmony mat. My impressions? Well, I may still slide sometimes, however the basic mats that my studio provides have nothing on it! Yep, less sliding and it feels so much better! I love the touch, especially for asanas where you have to place your face on the mat. And it made my practice so much more enjoyable! I just can’t wait to get on it! Love-love-love my dark-purple Jade! I decided to splurge on my hobby that day and got a purple bag to go with it and it is fantastic. I’d be happy to carry it with me all day long if I had to!

Speaking of carrying it, I love the weight. My Jade is not lightweight, but totally acceptable. I could not believe how heavy the Manduka Black Mat Pro is! Will purchase it only when I have my own house with my own dedicated yoga practice zone. However, for travels – both business and pleasure – I am considering getting a light and thin (like 2 mm thick) travel mat. Not sure about the brand, but I guess the one I looked at was Jade as well.

And I want the Yogitoes Skidless towel! It feels so good and seems to be solution for the sliding problem! and this is how you become a yoga junkie… who is yoga junkie?



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Yellow Yoga Mat???

Yellow is color of sun, light, classic Margaritas and summery nail polish. Yoga mat, besides being number one yoga prop, is a place to do something you love and have a luxury of staying in the moment; personal space and loving what you do... now.



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